Why would you buy a motorcycle?

Most people just do not understand what makes motorcycles so appealing, what makes us, seasoned riders get on our bikes and start riding around the world facing the elements, endangering ourselves and risking so much for what seems to the untrained eye a dangerous hobby.

But it is so much more than just a hobby, It is a lifestyle, something that once it gets into your blood stream you can feel it in your every cell, in your every muscle fiber and you want to feel that engine tremor in synchrony with you. It is something more than just a simple hobby, it something more than just that, it is a symphony between the rider and his wonderful machine.

The love story between rider and motorcycle

You just bought your first motorcycle, this is where your adventure begins, this is where you will start to learn the difficulties that we all had at the beginning, choking the engine at a stop sign, forgetting to put down the kickstand, yeah I know it’s a noob mistake but it can happen, or revving it up too much when your engine is cold. But after, you will start figuring out all the little things that will most definitely annoy you at first. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely nothing that can compare to how you will feel when you start learning the bike, when you will learn how to lean it, how to match the gears to the revs and how the breaks work.

Between you and your trusty machine a love story better than any that you could ever find in a novel will ensue as soon as you start respecting it. Only a true gentleman can be a perfect rider, only a man that treats his motorcycle like one of his closest friends will manage to know the true thrills that motorcycle riding have to offer. Freedom, pleasure, adrenaline and some of the most powerful memories you could ever have.

Pain is something that you will always feel on a motorcycle, but love without pain is only passion.

The Café racer craze

Probably the most important motorcycle movement that the world has ever witness, the Café Racers were born in England around 1950’s. Like the States had their overly powerful muscle car craze, London was kept awake at night by the ruckus that lads made when they rode their highly modified motorcycles around it’s ancient streets trying to reach the 100 mph milestone.

Young kids that have seen the horrors of the second world war were returning home driven to feel adrenaline again in their blood. It was their drug, their need, their desire to feel their heart beating again and their blood rush through their veins.

Most of them were couriers on the front, and used motorcycles throughout the war and now, they could get back on the machines that helped them survive the horrors of this terrible conflagration. With the army selling it’s surplus vehicles, young kids started buying them, modifying them and entering in a perfect state of symbiosis between man and machine thus becoming the Café Racer.

Ace Café London

One of the places that was favorite by these crazy pilots was Ace Café in London. It was a gathering place for teens and their beloved motorcycles, they used to race by it striving to achieve the magical number 100 on their dashboard. Their hearts were yearning for adventure, for adrenaline and their years were in love with the sound that their exhausts made when they were racing through the streets of London. They had a hunger for speed, they were addicted to the only thing that brought them peace and quiet, danger and they worked day and night to make their bikes faster and faster.

Those motorcycles had twin 650cc engines, but they weren’t as good as the ones that we have now. In fact, nothing was as good as what we have in 2016. They had dodgier roads, drum breaks that did not always work skinny tires that did not offer good traction, all these variables made “The ton”, or the 100 mph milestone quite a dangerous affair.

Modern Café Racers are a mere tribute to the magical machines that once kept awake London and it’s brave, crazy, adrenaline addicted youth.

Riding an motorcycle in London

Do you want to start commuting to work in London? I have been doing this for the last seven years and I want to help you avoid the problems that I had when I first started riding through the chaotic traffic of London.

Even though it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it can be quite problematic to negotiate it’s streets and more than often it’s drivers, but using these simple tips and tricks you will be safe, but remember, even though pain is the best teacher for a motorcycle rider it’s better to avoid unnecessary risks and damages to both you, your bike and other traffic participants.

Stay out of the gutter

I know, I know, it may seem appealing to gun it on that bicycle lane, what can happen right? You’ll zoom pass the traffic and you will stay away from those crazy cab drivers, but you will only manage to awaken another dangerous beast, cyclists. They will not appreciate you going at high speeds pass them, disturbing their ride. It is also quite dangerous for both you and them because they will never expect you to come in their habitat and go at mind boggling speeds pass them.

They are not the only predators that are waiting for you in the gutter, unwary pedestrians may just step in front of you because a Pokemon appears somewhere close. You don’t want to hit someone because they care more for that Pikachu than their life, don’t you?

Real motorcyclists don’t jump red lights

You just love your new Yamaha R1M and the way that it just loves to sprint on short distances and to rip open the asphalt underneath it’s wheels. I get it, I know the feeling, but always remember, racing from streetlight to streetlight is something that only the remaining cast of Fast and Furious can do and walk away from it. Respect the light, respect your life.

Never pass a cornering vehicle

Just don’t, this is one the stupidest things a rider can actually do, it does not matter how fast is your bike or how good you are on the bends, if a car gets startled by something as little as a falling leaf in a distant tree, it will more than often swerve right into you, so don’t make bad decision, don’t take unnecessary risks, you will not gain anything from getting hurt because of your own mistakes.

Just relax

You need to be chill when riding through the streets of London. You need to be patient and to pay attention to everyone on the road. You have bought that new bike to have fun, right? Then just relax and be patient, you will have all the time in the world to gun it on the interstate, but when riding a motorcycle in London stay safe and stay smart.


The moment I fell in love with motorcycles

I went crazy with motorcycles the first time my father took me on for a ride on his. I still remember it now, it was a red Ducati 916 and it was the first time I was sitting on it. I was about 5 when one afternoon he decided he should show his kid what being irresponsible truly is, just kidding, but in essence I have to admit that I don’t really think that my dad thought it through. That red Ducati of his was something that hell almost spat out, the sound it made, the way it looked, the Italian red, I remember it still making me gasp in awe when I saw it and giving the chills to my mom.

My first motorcycle ride

He dressed me in a tight yellow leather jacket and he made me sit in front of him, I remember this day in detail even now. The way he dangled the keys in front of me and said “Son, only gentlemen should tame such beasts, only men that know the true meaning of self control in all aspects of their lives should be allowed to even touch the great works of these Italian masters of speed and elegance”.

I did not understand his words then and I have to tell you that I did not understand them for years to come. I only wanted to go fast with my dad holding me close at his chest. I only wanted to feel speed rushing near my ears and to feel the ground shake under the thunderous exhaust that my dad had asked me to fit the week before. It was a real experience for me, then it was awesome because I was on top of a motorcycle and I was seeing the whole world swoosh right past me at what it seemed that day as incredible speeds. But now, if I am to think about it from a man’s point of view I realize that this had greater importance not because of motorcycle aspect of the experience, but because of my father and his words.

He was the man that sparked this flame of passion for two wheels in my life, he was the man that made me fall in love with Ducati and with motorcycles. But most important he was the man that taught me how important it is to be a true gentleman in all aspects of your life.

In love with two wheels

Us men often find ourselves in need of something that would get our hearts pumping. Some find this in playing sports, going out for drinks with friends or for those who enjoy shows such as Downton Abbey shopping with their girlfriends. But there is a special kind of man, one that sees opportunity in all that floats around him, one that seizes the day without asking nicely first, one that knows to be a true gentleman and what ht meaning of “manners maketh man” truly is.

Such a man finds his thrills in something different, something that gets his adrenaline pumping through his veins with each rev, with each gear shift and with each lean. I am talking about the motorcycle riders, men that love to take life by the handlebars and to reach their limits whiles having between their legs an engine that spits fire and pleasure with every piston drop.

They are the ones that will know exactly what to do when disaster strikes, they are the ones that relish with the idea of danger being closer and closer and that choose to ignore the small issues that press other men each day.

Motorcycle owners and riders

I am not trying to disrespect men that drive cars, or ride bicycles as their main means of transportation, but all have to admit this absolute truth, motorcyclists do tend to view life different. Not all of us are the same, of course, but those that truly understand what riding a beautiful piece of engineering and that respect it, the road and the laws are the ones that truly know how to ride and live.

Owning a motorcycle is something more than just going out and buying the newest bike from a showroom, it’s about the relationship that you have with the machine, it’s about knowing it, knowing where it likes in the rev counter to be, how it rides when it’s cold, how it rides when it’s hot outside, what kind of gas it likes and what makes it and you truly happy. Once you know all this you just have to complete one last step, stop calling it ït”, it’s a “her” now, she’s your baby, she’s the only woman in your life that will love you every step of the way, that will appreciate you, go out with you and never complain about the places where you take her.

She will help you get girls and she will even let them get on top of her. She is the kind of girlfriend you need and she will always be there for you, just remember to add gas and smile.

A true rider’s philosophy involves more than just the words “hold on”, having a motorcycle is a way of life, a beautiful love story between you and the machine that will bring you so many moments of pure joy and serenity.